New live music venue set to open in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD

While Sydney live music suffers from a bad 18 months of damaging legislation and general disregard for its wellbeing, Melbourne’s scene continues to thrive with another venue set to open tonight in the heart of the CBD.

W4 post


The place is called W4 and is set to open in an abandoned warehouse space underneath Roxanne’s, a well established night club, and karaoke/pool bar Charltons, right in the heart of the city centre.

W4 will see its doors open to the public tonight with Nagiire and Melbourne locals Champagne Internet kicking things off after Flight Facilities unofficially opened the venue last week, playing their first DJ set in almost a decade.

Bookings will be taken care of by Marco Shirru who has already secure the likes of Flight Facilities and Touch Sensitive to play the venue. The main band room, dubbed the W4 Parlour, has its capacity capped at 200 punters, with 350 people being able to fit in w4 in total.

Check out the space plus some more info here!