New South Wales Premier Mike Baird resigns

In an unexpected and immediate decision this morning, the contentious Premier of New South Wales Mike Baird has resigned.

Currently at the halfway point of his political term, Baird has spent the last two years as the poster boy for lockout-oriented protest. Although his supporters at the time of his election may have been many, his recent lack of popularity certainly had something to do with the decision.

mike baird resigns

Time to think of some new puns for Saturday’s protest. Controversial New South Wales Premier Mike Baird has resigned from politics, effective immediately.

“After 10 years in public life, this moment for me has arrived” Baird said in a statement. It is “the perfect time to hand over to a new premier”.

The announcement will prompt a Liberal Party room meeting next week to decide a new Premier.

“NSW has been a tremendous honour but I have made clear from the beginning that I was in politics to make a difference, and then move on.” 

Great to see Baird’s goal was the political equivalent of leaving a shit on your neighbour’s doorstep, ringing the bell and running away.

This is sure to lift the spirits on Saturday’s Keep Sydney Open protest. If you’ve been as fiercely against Baird’s policy making as Tyson Koh and the rest of the KSO team, show your support by heading down.

See Baird’s full statement below: