10 photos from Sunday’s Keep Sydney Open rally that prove just how bad this city wants its nightlife back

Sunday marked yet another huge Keep Sydney Open rally that saw around 10,000 protesters flock to march against Mike Baird’s policies on Sydney culture, nightlife and the lockout laws.

The event kicked off at Belmore Park near Central – which saw a performance from One Day, plus talks from Hayley Mary from The Jezabels, Urthboy, City of Sydney Councillor Jess Scully and Keep Sydney Open’s Tyson Koh – before heading up Oxford Street towards Taylor Square.

“This is our second rally now, our first one was back in February,” Koh told The Guardian. “We proved then that this is an issue that the people of Sydney were going to fight for and with today’s showing of 10,000 people we’re showing the same thing eight months later.”

Check out all the peaceful, productive action below.

 Check out these 10 glorious shots from the Keep Sydney Open rally that prove just how badly the residents of this city want their nightlife and cultural freedom back.

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keep sydney open