Counting down the Demon Days: the new Gorillaz album will be finished in less than two weeks

The Gorillaz press machine has been kicking it into gear these last few weeks, to say the very least. The animated band has been releasing a string of awesomeness to build the hype for their upcoming 2016 release, starting with a series of enigmatic, flawlessly curated posts on their Instagram.

Since they took to the world of Instagram, the band have been releasing day-to-day video content on their Youtube channel, most notably The Book of Noodle and The Book of Russel, short clips detailing the life stories of the two fictional band members.


There’s almost too much good Gorillaz news to handle right now, proving the new album must be close. We could be hearing new tracks by the end of the year.

Rumours that Gorillaz are two weeks away from finishing their hotly anticipated release arose after Reddit user PlacidBurrito posted a photo of the band, his friend having apparently enquired with the musos about the album.

If this is true, it can’t be long before we finally get another taste of the mysterious monkeys. Until a first listen appears, there’s plenty of news to satisfy your needs, and you can start by watching The Book of Noodle and The Book of Russel below. The whole channel is filled with Gorillaz goodies.

Via Consequence of Sound.