Alternative Love: You’ll froth this huge blueprint of all your favourite alt bands from 1975 to present

Every now and then a visual artist, or bona fide photoshop wizard comes through with a project that’s utterly amazing. It’s the era of astounding infographics, easily accessible statistics and instant gratification.

UK studio Dorothy may have just outdone the lot. In a piece titled ‘Alternative Love: A Brief History of Alternative Music’, the designers have crafted an intricate poster detailing the history of underground music, starting from the Sex Pistols, set to the design of a transistor radio.

Feel the alternative love with one of the most comprehensive road maps of alt music’s family tree you’ll ever lay your eyes upon.

Sitting proud like the Presidents of Mount Rushmore are the four founding fathers of alternative music: Ramones, Sex Pistols, Joy Division and The Smiths. The further you delve into the picture, the more familiar faces you’ll catch, including similarly influential older bands like The Cure, Talking Heads and Kraftwerk as well as modern contemporaries such as LCD Soundsystem, Arctic Monkeys and Bon Iver in the smaller print.

The circuitboard design is slick, and we’d love to see a similar idea applied to other genres. Imagine a history of early electronic music, or a family tree of the world’s psychedelic rock history.

Thankfully, Dorothy ships internationally. For 35 pounds of $58 AUD you can get your mitts on a copy of this sick design on their website.

Via Wired, where you can find a higher resolution copy of the image, complete with zoom.