Bon Iver reveals another lullaby-worthy cut from the upcoming 22, A Million record

If you’ve been listening to any radio station recently, you’ve probably heard Bon Iver popping up…here and there. The US band headed by songwriting prodigy Justin Vernon has been getting thrashed on radio and just about every streaming service out there since the upcoming record 22, A Million was announced.

Last night, the next taste of the album aired on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, a downtempo, choral chillfest titled 8 (circle).

The world is loving Bon Iver, and rightly so. On the eve of 22, A Million‘s release Justin Vernon has given us all another taste of the upcoming record.

Performing with the Bon Iver ensemble and a chorus including the lovely Gordi, Vernon treated Fallon’s audience to 8 (circle). Following the releases of 33 “GOD” and 22 (OVER S∞∞N), this marks the third track from 22, A Million to be shared with the wider audience.

Of course, more avid Bon Iver fans will know that you can already stream a live performance of the upcoming record in full. Last month the band returned to their festival they started – Eaux Claires in Wisconsin. A fitting return to their home (and likely some of the biggest Bon Iver fans in the world), they performed the headline set at the festival and their setlist was simple: play 22, A Million start to finish.

22, A Million will be released on September 30. Stream the whole Eaux Claires set below.

Via Pitchfork.