Missed seeing Bon Iver at Vivid LIVE? Watch him reduce crowds to tears here

Anyone who has listened to a Bon Iver record would no doubt have some idea of the incredible power the man has to reduce even the most callous people into soft, mushy piles of emotional goo. His recent performance at Vivid LIVE is no exception to what we’ve come to expect from Justin Vernon and co. Pure, ethereal, soul-lifting gold.

Bon Iver

Grab a box of tissues and watch Bon Iver reduce the entire Sydney Opera House to tears for Vivid LIVE

A performance at the Sydney Opera House deserves something a little different than your stock standard set, and in this respect Bon Iver absolutely delivered. Forming a tight, intimate circle on stage, the band gave a magical acapella rendition of Heavenly Father – which somehow transformed into a beast infinitely more powerful than the original.

The band then picked up their instruments and ran through Creature Fear – a beautiful album track from Vernon’s seminal debut For Emma, Forver Ago – and Michicant from his stunning second record.

The whole thing was caught on camera by the Sydney Opera House team, which you can watch below. Grab a box of tissues though: