Mind-warping new tech can show you the solar system on your exact date of birth

Your birthday is a special day. We all love those little details; what time we were born, what the weather was like and what the number one song was at the time.

What people don’t often ask is what the solar system looked like at the time of their birth.

Ever wanted to know what our solar system looked like right as you were coming into it? An awesome new program is giving you the opp.

Developed by SpaceTime Coordinates, their use of NASA data and algorithms has meant that we can now have access to a visual snapshot of what the solar system looked like on any specific date. Upon testing out the data, SpaceTime Coordinates pulls up the positions of the planets and dwarf planets, creating custom prints that correspond with your unique position in the universe.

In doing so, scientists found that no two dates provide the same planetary imaging. In 2016 the project was awarded the Golden A Design Award.

We reckon this is a pretty dope gift idea for any good mate, and the possibilities are endless, with prints, t-shirts and digital vectors available from as little as twenty bucks.

Via Colossal. Find out all the details on the project’s website.