New Zealand’s best new music right now

From the Dunedin sound to some of the world’s most game-changing pop, New Zealand has always punched well above its weight when it comes to great music.

If you’re seeking some new tunes to blast within the walls of your own home, these five new releases are an excellent place to start.

Lula Cucchiara Navvy New Zealand's best new music right now
Photo: Navvy by Lula Cucchiara

In need of some fresh new listening? Check out a sample of New Zealand’s best new music that hit the airwaves over the last month.

The Beths – Out of Sight

It’s business as usual for The Beths leading up to their second album Jump Rope Gazers, and this is a band whose business is creating near-perfect indie rock. Out of Sight is the latest cut from the record, a slightly slower number that comes alongside a beautiful, birdwatching-centric music video.

Check out that avian delight below, and look out for Jump Rope Gazers on July 10th.

Mild Orange – Mild Orange

Mild Orange make the kind of guitar music I’ve come to realise New Zealand simply does well; a sunny, slow-dance kind of sound that’s often backed by precise and quaint lyrics. Their take is extra laid-back, woven with psychedelic effect swirls and gorgeous vocal melodies from frontman Josh Mehrtens.

Below you’ll find the group’s second album, which came out on Friday May 29th. It’s enough to make you light-headed, a dreamy treasure pure and simple.

Navvy – Pieces

More of a newcomer than The Beths or Mild Orange, Navvy came out swinging in 2019 with the release of two slinky, vocally-charged EPs. Now the rising star has dropped a new single Pieces, a bubbly jam that feels radio-ready and set to practically explode.

Check out the lyric video for Pieces below.

Ryan Fisherman – Vibe

Ryan Fisherman, total vibe. A former member of NZ indie treasure Doprah, Fisherman writes delicious alt-country ballads that’ll have you wishing for your own slice of regional Kiwi real estate to call your own and convert to a Neil Young-style ranch.

Vibe is the new album from camp Fisherman, a lovingly crafted collection of slow ramblers and a charming new addition to the country playbook.

Sola Rosa – Searching For Love

I don’t say this often – but just listen to that fucking guitar lick. Searching For Love is the latest single from Sola Rosa, the solo project of Andrew Spraggan. He’s been kicking since 1999, delivering a huge catalogue of albums in that time, deftly jumping between funk, soul, jazz, and whatever else he pleases.

But before diving into the deep cuts, check out Searching For Love below.