On Secrets, One Day I’ll Tell You Everything and more: Happy’s Weekend Reading

On the list for this weekend: Annika Smethurst’s startling personal account of state-based intimidation in On Secrets and in One Day I’ll Tell You Everything, secrets of a different kind rise to the surface.

How to Live Plastic Free offers up practical advice on reducing your reliance on this ubiquitous material, Muslim Women are Everything displays the strength and diversity of Muslim women and The Road: Uprising in West Papua details a struggle for freedom on Australia’s doorstep. Let’s check out the selection. Annika Smethurst

On Secrets, One Day I’ll Tell You Everything, How to Live Plastic Free, Muslim Women are Everything and The Road: Uprising in West Papua are the best new books for this weekend.

On Secrets by Annika Smethurst

Freedom of the press has been a central tenet of Australian democracy for decades, but Annika Smethurst’s ordeal proves that we shouldn’t take it for granted. In On Secrets, she reveals how her life was transformed by raids on her house by the Federal Police. Via HachetteOn Secrets

One Day I’ll Tell You Everything by Emmanuelle Pagano

Adèle returns to her home town in rural France after a long absence. In beautiful prose, Pagano reveals the full extent of her protagonist’s transition and the impact it has on her younger brother. See Text for more. One Day I'll Tell You Everything

How to Live Plastic Free by Luca Bonaccorsi and the Marine Conservation Society

Plastic can seem like an immovable obstacle in the way of a more sustainable life. In this book, however, Bonaccorsi explains how to take practical steps to reduce plastic use and contribute to a healthier future for our planet. Visit Hachette for more details. How to live plastic free

Muslim Women are Everything by Seema Yasmin with illustrations by Fahmida Azim

Muslim women are commonly depicted as victims of oppression, with limited potential. Yasmin and Azim’s book celebrates the lives of a collection of powerful Muslim women who have changed the world for the better with their art, activism and more. Via Harper CollinsMuslim Women are Everything

The Road: Uprising in West Papua by John Martinkus

Though West Papua could hardly be closer to Australia, news of the province’s plight rarely reaches our shores. Martinkus’ book sheds light the increased suppression inflicted on West Papua and the simmering tensions that are approaching boiling point. See Black Inc. for more. The Road