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Iggy Pop and his less wrinkly doggo star in an adorable PETA segment scored by Nick Cave

When they’re not busy being a couple of rock ‘n’ roll gods, Iggy Pop and Nick Cave both have a long history of animal activism. Pop especially has been campaigning for animal advocacy group PETA for years.

The pair have thrown their weight into the charity’s latest short, a sweet segment starring none other than Iggy Pop’s puppy (who totally overshadows his owner’s performance, in my humble opinion).

iggy pop nick cave doggo PETA

Nick Cave, Iggy Pop and an ultra-cute doggo have formed an unstoppable activist trifecta, joining forces for the latest ad from PETA.

Pop stars as an everyday superhero, protecting all manner of fauna from the evil-doings of a mysterious bandit. Cave, meanwhile, contributed the cute compostion Breathless which serves as the ad’s soundtrack.

The mantra of the clip is for you to “be the person your dog thinks you are”, delivered flawlessly. Check it out below.

Iggy Pop recently knocked off his 70th birthday, fucking killing it the entire week he was celebrating the milestone.

Via Consequence of Sound.

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June 29, 2017

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