Niles Fitch is set to play Disney’s first-ever live-action black prince

Disney+ have announced that they will stream a new series later this year titled Secret Society of Second-Born Royals. Starring Elektra Elodie Yung, who has featured in Marvel’s Daredevil series, and Peyton Elizabeth Lee, the show will follow a different type of princess; “a rebellious teen living in the kingdom of Illyria.”

And Disney is making headlines after announcing the actor who will play the role of the prince: Niles Fitch.

American actor Niles Fitch is set to play Disney’s first-ever “Black prince” in new series.

Niles Fitch took to social media to make the announcement to the delight of fans. Known for his role in the TV series This Is UsFitch made his debut and has had viewers waiting for his next role in a film or television series. Obviously excited by the announcement, Fitch stated:

“Welcome Disney’s first Black prince.”

It doesn’t seem like too big a deal to cast a Black actor as a prince in 2020 but nevertheless this is the first time Disney have done it in a live-action program. Fitch will play Prince Tuma who has been described as ‘charismatic’ but also on a moral journey alongside the other characters.

With an exact release date to be announced by Disney, sit tight for further info. In the meantime, check out This Is Us if you need something to binge in self-isolation.