No Komment bursts with the vibrant colours of soul in ‘Woman Like You’

New York City, soul rapper, No Komment, explodes in his nostalgically 90’s tune and gorgeously spirited music video.

Thriving within the glistening shimmers of NYC is, No Komment, an artist fuelled by his passion, authentic roots and bolstering retro rhymes.

After a musical hiatus, No Komment makes a return, bursting with RnB melodies and his new single Woman Like You as he takes listeners on an electrically riveting old-school ride.

No Komment

Woman Like You is melted with the golden flecks of an old soul, the tune blissfully resting in the soundscape of a carefree summer beach trip.

No Komment brings a calming and grounding vocal echo to the single and the music video is simply a firework explosion of the artists’ vision.

Coming from a Muslim-Pakistani background, No Komment found solace in the boundless energy grasped through rap battles.

Since the age of 13, No Komment has sharpened his melody and assembled a group of loyal friends who appear in the golden and warm visuals.

It is clear from watching the artist groove in front of a sunset-like backdrop, accompanied by the glistening faces of friends from his childhood, that he is a musician that oozes in loyalty and is grounded by the roots of heritage, as deep as the tune’s bass.

The trickling and infatuating beauty of the track is not only No Komment’s colour-bursting nature, but the infectious energy that seeps with every electric beat of the song.

The retro shots speckled within the video serve as a static reminder of the track’s nostalgic visuals, similar to early works of Drake and J Cole. It is clear that the world is yearning for more authentic and passionate musicians like No Komment, we can only hope he continues to share his talents through similar soulful melodies to Woman Like You. 

Check out the vibrant track below: