No more bloody traffic, new bus will drive above it all

Damn traffic gets the better of all of us. Even the god-man Mr. K West has had to sit in traffic for a mo or two. But no bloody more thank you very much. Engineers in China have invented and are set to get approval for a bus system that will drive above all traffic. Each bus will be able to take up to 1,200 passengers.

bus bod

Mind you it might take 50 plus years for our pollies to tweak onto the genius of this but soon, surely soon. Gone will be the days of arriving sweaty, dazed and dishevelled to shamefully shimmy into your seat amongst all the smug glasses of people that ‘get up on time’. Pah, the future is here (nearly).

Check out the vid below, believe your startled eyes and gaping mouth. This bus, is a beautiful, saving, real, thing.

First seen on Bored Panda