Noah & The Void wants you to know that you’re not alone in The Deep End

Offering his personal brand of mental healing, Noah & The Void extends a comforting hand through the heart of his new ballad The Deep End

A track centred around feeling hopeless, Noah & The Void drops the rope and pulls listeners back up with his empathetic understanding.

The Deep End is about feeling stuck and deeply misunderstood, something Noah recognises all too well.

noah & the void

Familiar with the battle of healing one’s precarious mental health, The Deep End offers an unfiltered look at the darkness that exists within the corners of the mind.

Inspired by a wealth of different artists, Noah channels the likes of Hozier and Gavin Degraw in this most recent release.

A blend of an old-school ballad with modern indie production, his voice carries the brunt of the heavy lifting with his immensely vulnerable lyricism.

With an incredibly powerful and arresting vocal, Noah nails the jazzy chord progressions that come and go at the same rate as his hope.

The Deep End is emotionally potent and expertly produced to create a climatic final chorus that encourages chills.

noah & the void

There’s an uncertainty to the chord progressions, notes that leave us unresolved and lyrics that are open to either positive or negative interpretation.

Noah has the voice to lead such a dramatic track, captivating and technically incredibly impressive.

Noah captures the pain of mental suffering without indulging it, he gives light to the darkest parts without romanticising them and still manages to create something undeniably raw and beautiful.

His earnestness bleeds into each moment, making his mission of connection and healing all the more tangible and possible.

The Deep End is as memorable as it is moving, and refreshing in its honesty and clarity of genre.

It feels familiar and warm, a safe space to turn to when the rest of the world feels icy.

Noah & The Void is full of support and talent, creativity and emotion. It’s no wonder he already has a loyal fanbase to open up the void to.

Listen to The Deep End below.