Now Montreal neighbours are singing Leonard Cohen from their balconies

First, it was the Italians, with residents singing to each other from their windows whilst in quarantine. Next, one man in Spain serenaded his neighbourhood with Celine Dion‘s My Heart Will Go On.

Now, Canada has become the latest country to partake in the singing phenomenon, with quarantined neighbours in Montreal taking to their balconies to perform songs by none other than Canadian national hero, Leonard Cohen.

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Taking their cue from residents in Italy, quarantined neighbours in Montreal have taken to their balconies to perform songs by Leonard Cohen.

The event was organised by POP Montreal and URSA MTL, with people performing from their balconies, rooftops, and porches. Martha Wainwright (sister of Rufus Wainwright) acted as choirmaster and residents sang So Long, Marianne and other classic Leonard Cohen songs. Wainwright live-streamed the event on Facebook, and you can check out her footage below, as well as videos posted to social media by other residents.

A whole host of celebrities have also recently started taking to social media to perform songs, including Neil Diamond who recently shared a coronavirus edition of his hit song, Sweet Caroline


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