NSW Police are getting roasted on TikTok

Ew, the NSW Police found out about TikTok and they’re making people cringe even harder than their Instagram account.

I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, but thank God for TikTok duets. Some legends on the app are calling out the shitty behaviour of NSW Police and pairing them up with the even shittier videos they’ve been posting on their new TikTok account.

Unfortunately the cops have dedicated more time to their new TikTok videos than reviewing the integrity of their staff, posting a bunch of *quirky* videos to prove they’re JuSt LiKe Us.

Credit: TikTok/NSW Police & Australian Young Greens

One of the cops’ hit videos is a POV (which is actually not a POV) of officers “looking up someone in the system who was using their phone while driving without a licence and speeding in an unregistered vegicle with two bald tyres and no working taul lights, wondering how they thought they would get away with it”.

@biglublyleanne #duet with @nswpolice no police officer has been convicted for any of the 489 Indigenous deaths in custody #fyp #nojusticenopeace #indigenous #australia ♬ Beep – Andrew🥴

They’ve managed to rack up more than 42,000 followers, but the comments are a bit of a roast sesh, with one user writing: “Does it take 2 officers to use a computer?”

Another wasn’t too impressed with the way they utilise their time: “Omg I figured it out! My brother got kidnapped because the cops were too busy making TikToks for them to save my brother’s life!!!”. Eek, not a great look.

That same video was used for a duet by @biglublyleanne, that mind you, has more likes than the original video, to call out the NSW Police once more with text reading, “POV: you’re writing an incident report after killing another Blak Australian”.

@biglublyleanne #duet with @nswpolice no police officer has been convicted for any of the 489 Indigenous deaths in custody #fyp #nojusticenopeace #indigenous #australia ♬ Beep – Andrew🥴

Another user, @easymoneyvancey, has been blocked by the cops for his run of duets, posting screenshots of news headlines involving NSW Police, side-by-side with one of their cute little TikToks.

@easymoneyvancey #duet with @nswpolice yeah how gooodddd #nsw ♬ reading rainbow ft lil jon – Cursed Mashups

Even the Greens are getting in on the action.

@australianyounggreens #duet with @nswpolice ♬ original sound – bmetz

Yikes. If you want to appeal to Gen Z, doing something about the Indigenous deaths in custody and treatment of Blak Australians would be a welcome change.