Nude Beach – See My Way

Nude Beach are a wholesome punk band (which probably sounds like an oxymoron, but you’ll be on board soon enough) from Brooklyn. They’re putting out some really interesting Beatle’s-like sounds with an a-typical type of American layering. Nude Beach are something special with their musical diversity.

nude beach

Described as a punk band with a surfy/country Beatle’s vibe, Nude Beach sound like something really special- sure to satisfy plenty of musical tastes.

True to their name, they’ve also got a really Californian beach vibe which has predicated much of their work up until now. Whether or not you’re a fan of the cross-genre punk Nude Beach are dropping, you’ll be sure to like them as they bounce around musically, just enough to catch people from lots of different musical tastes and styles.

Nude Beach’s latest track See My Way definitely jumps into the category of slightly more positive and easy-going punk or so it may seem. The song has overtones of country with a slow rhythm on the bass guitar throughout. They don’t completely deviate from their punk roots with the characteristically rock n roll vocals from the lead singer Chuck Betz and a few sweet riffs throughout.

On the face of it See My Way comes across as an extremely sweet love song, but the lyrics would suggest a slightly darker vibe within. “We hear, it’s okay, you don’t have to see my way,” but then later are introduced to the lyrics “It’s okay, you don’t even have to try to feel apart of anything”. See My Way treads a nice little line between sad and hopeful just to keep things interesting.

Nude Beach have definitely changed somewhat from their last pieces of work, but that’s expected – bands change their musicality so often  to keep the crowds of fans in suspense and welcome new comers. You’ll appreciate their musical repertoire , so get your eardrums to them.



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