If you saw a bunch of nude cyclists in Melbourne yesterday, here’s why

Dozens of cyclists took off their clothes and headed to Fitzroy yesterday to participate in Melbourne’s annual nude bike ride.

The event is an annual tradition organised by World Naked Bike Ride, taking place in over 70 countries to promote positive body image, sustainability and to prove careless drivers wrong when they act like cyclists are invisible… by showing them everything.

The organisers’ website says, “Too many cyclists are killed or injured on our roads by car drivers who claim that they did not see the cyclists. We say to the car drivers, if we ride naked, can you see us now?”


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Despite the public exposure, apparently, the naked bike ride is perfectly legal and the organisers claim that Police are mostly supportive. This year marks the 16th consecutive naked bike ride and since then, not a single arrest has been made.

After the ride, participants are invited to what’s essentially a shower beer, minus the shower. The Queensbury Hotel in Carlton opened their doors to the nude cyclists so they can enjoy a very carefree beer together.

The only things that can put the naked bike ride on hold are very extreme weather, global pandemics and of course, clothes. But the event goes ahead pretty much every year rain, hail or shine so it’s safe to assume they’ll be back again next year.

Until then, keep an eye out for cyclists when you’re driving. Even if they’ve got pants on.