Huge plans from Microsoft and Xbox to become more sustainable

Huge plans from Microsoft and Xbox to become more sustainable

As the world is ravaged by climate change, companies like Microsoft are doing what they can to become more sustainable with a new Xbox initiative.

Microsoft continues to make a name for itself in the big tech space by setting huge goals to improve sustainability efforts by making its products more recyclable with a new Xbox initiative.

In 2020, Microsoft made a similar public stance by setting initiatives to make the company carbon negative by 2030. It seems they’re now doubling down especially seeing as, at launch, there were some concerns around the environmental effects of its consoles.

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Image: Xbox X/S / Xbox

The news comes from Microsoft president Brad Smith, who recently released a blog post highlighting Microsoft’s internal developments around these goals and their annual sustainability report.

A more gaming-specific perspective was also posted by Dave McCarthy, Corporate Vice President, Xbox Operations, that deep dives into the Xbox branch of Microsoft and the steps it’s taking.

In the post made by Dave McCarthy, by 2030, one aspect they will work on is designing Xbox products and accessories and all Microsoft product packaging to be 100% recyclable in Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries.

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Image: Xbox Initiative / Xbox Wire

At this point, next-gen Xbox consoles have been assessed to be 97% recyclable but taking it to 100% is more important than you would think, especially for electronics.

When people put non-recyclable items into the recycling system, they introduce impurities into the final products. The machinery is not designed to handle those sorts of products or the byproducts produced, decreasing their life expectancy. This will be avoided if consoles become completely recyclable.

It is hoped that companies of a similar size see the path Microsoft is paving and implement their own initiatives to strive towards a cleaner and better future.