Nutella-Palooza is a real thing, and we’re crying tears of hazelnut joy

There is no better chocolatey goodness than Nutella. On toast, in a cronut, or even just straight out of the jar, it’s an express elevator to pleasure. So it’s no surprise that the first Nutella-themed festival, Nutella-Palooza is set to make it’s debut this April.

Nutella gif

*Drools uncontrollably

Taking place at Bonython Park, Adelaide on Saturday April 26, the festival was created for the sole purpose of celebrating all things Nutella and chocolate. Now if you’re thinking that this is just some scheme by the head honchos of Nutella Corp to sell a few jars of hazelnut joy you’d be sorely mistaken.

The festival is in fact organised by some like minded Nutella fans, and will feature cooking demonstrations, bakery stalls, chocolate stalls, food trucks, art installations and much more. The event is all-ages and free, although some cooking demonstrations will be ticketed to control numbers.


A full list of guests, exhibitors and guests will be posted soon, so keep an eye on their website. As if Adelaide wasn’t on your list of places to holiday in Australia, well now you’ve got a really, really good reason.