Vermantics keep coming back for more on new single ‘Don’t Think Twice’

Melbourne four-piece Vermantics deliver pure rock revelry on ‘Don’t Think Twice’, the band’s second single of 2024.  

Vermantics have delivered a love letter to classic rock and roll on their new single ‘Don’t Think Twice’. The track marks the Melbourne-based band’s second release of 2024, and delivers all the pure rock revelry you could hope for.

For his part, vocalist and guitarist Stefan sings in an infectious, punkish sneer, atop screechy bass guitar courtesy of bandmate and brother Daniel. Adding to the teeth-baring sound is the thunderous drums of Julian and Jack’s versatile lead guitar. 

Vermantics 'Don't Think Twice'

‘Don’t Think Twice’ opens with punchy percussion and Stefan’s catchy vocal performance.

While the track leaves room for explosive flairs — especially on a chorus brimming with head-thrashing guitars seemingly purpose built for a mosh pit — Vermantics also make space for quieter moments.

Melodic guitars appear on the more pensive post-chorus, alongside angelic vocal harmonies and subtle cymbals. 

It isn’t long, however, before the band return to their noisier tendencies, with a climactic bridge that ascends to all-out belter of a final chorus.


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It’s this versatility that makes ‘Don’t Think Twice’ a consistently engaging listen, as Vermantics combine the melodies of 60s rock with the brash garage ethics of the 90s. All of it is delivered with a distinctly modern twist, making the sound feel wholly original. 

Lyrically, the track sees Vermantics return to a fast and furious romance that might not be so ideal. “Something in the way that you kick so hard,” Stefan pines, “cut me to the bone with your razor tongue.”

The songwriting is vivid enough that you can picture the subject, who “makes me crazy” yet still leaves the band “ask[ing] for more.” The brilliance of ‘Don’t Think Twice’ should perhaps be expected, given Vermantics’ years-long hustle in the rock scene. 

Born in Adelaide before relocating to Melbourne, the band was founded by brothers Stefan and Daniel, before fellow Adelaide travellers Julian and Jack completed the lineup.

Since then, Vermantics have served as support acts for international bands like British India and homegrown heroes Superjesus, among others. ‘Don’t Think Twice’ follows March release ‘Mind’s Made Up’ as the second single released by the four-piece this year.    

Listen to Vermatics’ new track ‘Don’t Think Twice’ below.