NYC and LA have long been musical rivals. Indie pop lords, Blonder are here to help settle the famous East vs West dispute

New York City and Los Angeles are perhaps two of the largest creative hubs our friends in the US provide. From Tupac vs. Biggie and beyond, however, there’s always been a distinct difference. We had a chat with ‘murican brothers and sisters, Blonder to find out what tracks define each city for them.


From Tupac and Biggie and beyond, LA and NYC have always been divided but, Indie rockers, Blonder hope to show the best of both worlds in their playlist.

“They’re both magic cities. I’m more aware of history in New York because it’s where I’m from, it’s a tighter and a more accessible city on foot. It’s harsher, more expensive and more tense. I constantly felt like it was more emotionally validating as a result – like if my songs felt good to me in New York then they’d feel good anywhere, because they’d be closer to who I am. LA, which is typical to say, is more of a gigantic suburb, home to show business and also just more foreign to me. I like Palm trees a lot tho.”

New York

Lou Reed – Vicious

Beyoncé – Sorry

Porches – Shape

Blood Orange – S’cooled

Frankie Cosmos – Korean Food

Los Angeles

Lana Del Rey – Freak

New Order – Ceremony

Lorde – Magnets

The 1975 – Falling For You

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Our House