Oasis cover band among 61 people trapped in pub for three nights

Imagine rocking up to the pub on a Friday night to check out an Oasis cover band, and ending up stuck there for a three-night sleepover.

While this sounds like the classic strangers-isolated-together-for-an-extended-period-of-time trope or the start of a comedic murder-mystery – it was in fact reality for 61 unfortunate souls over the weekend, which included patrons, seven pub employees and Noasis, the Oasis cover band.

Heading to Britain’s highest altitude pub, Yorkshire’s The Tan Hill Inn, on Friday night where Noasis was set to perform, howling winds and forceful snow meant all but a few would brace themselves for a triple sleepover with a group of complete strangers.

The Tann Hill Inn

Snow was piling up as high as three feet and blocking the pub’s exits, road conditions were much too harsh to brace and once the Oasis cover band wrapped up their set, local authorities exclaimed it was unsafe for anyone to drive home.

While we can’t think of anything more punishing than being stranded in a pub with a bunch of randoms requesting Wonderwall over and over, it honestly sounds like they had a kind of adorable bonding experience.

The inn’s general manager, Nicola Townsend, said the crew passed the time with pub quizzes, movie feature’s like Mamma Mia!, enjoying cold beers, and singing karaoke – lot’s of Oasis, one would imagine.

As Monday came around, after three nights of snuggling on the pub floor, it was declared safe enough for everyone to head on home, and so the unlikely gang of pub punters, bar staff, and an Oasis cover band went their separate ways.

Apparently, it was quite emotional when it came time for everyone to bid each other farewell: “because we’ve had such a good time meeting new friends, getting to know new people,” says Townsend.

Safe to say no one involved will Look Back In Anger