Octavian accused of domestic violence by former girlfriend ahead of debut album release

Octavian accused of domestic violence by former girlfriend ahead of debut album release

Ahead of the release of his debut album, French-British rapper Octavian has been accused of domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend.

TW: This article contains descriptions and images of alleged domestic violence that may be triggering and/or disturbing. 

Known for his collaborations with British MC Skepta and American rappers A$AP Ferg and Future, Octavian has spent 2020 gearing up his fans for the release of his debut album, Alpha, which was due out today.

Yet now, the rapper is facing serious allegations of “constant physical, verbal and psychological abuse” alleged by his ex-girlfriend, a musician known as Emo Baby, who issued a public statement on Instagram yesterday.


Octavian’s former partner details being “pushed down stairs, attacked with weapons… gagged and silenced by somebody [she] loves”, providing accompanying images in her posts.

In addition to this, she cites the reason for going public just days before his album release being due to her “not [wanting] anyone to look up to [Octavian], especially not young girls… [not wanting anyone] to listen to the dark music he makes to celebrate his abuse.”


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Octavian has since denied the allegations, writing on his Instagram story, “Liars can’t lie forever.”

“Someone waits, does that right before my album to try ruin my life and I’m the bad guy… Kmt. The truth is coming. Don’t beg friend after [sic],” he described. “God is watching Mum is watching this beautiful story Karma is REAL”, he added, before suggesting his former partner had spoken out because he had ended their relationship.

“Kmt… all this just cause I broke up with a girl. Evidence that the girl is obsessed and will never let me alone or let me win coming soon [sic].”

Following this statement, the rapper’s record label Black Butter, a subsidiary of Sony Records, has confirmed their decision to cease working with Octavian, and not go ahead with releasing his album.

In addition to this, PR agencies Technique Publicity and Pattern Publicity have also decided to cut ties with the UK rapper.