On the hunt for ambient sound samples? This online archive is a goldmine

If you’re a producer, DJ, filmmaker, game developer, or just an audiophile in general, and hunting around for ambient sound samples for your projects is the bane of your existence, this will be right up your alley.

Ambient Sounds

On the hunt for ambient recordings? Free To Use Sounds is an online archive of high-quality sounds for your sampling pleasure.

Free To Use Sounds is a massive online archive of high-quality sounds that are avaliable to the public to use how they wish at no cost. The library is extensive, featuring everything from animal and nature noises, to urban soundscapes, obscure musical instruments (church bells, parades, etc) and binaural (3D) recordings.

“Our desire is to promote creativity and contribute to innovators while they pursue their craft,” say site-owners Libby and Marcel. “This site was founded from our burdensome experience hunting for quality sound for a video project. We went to YouTube to find an acceptable track and realised there was clearly a need help creators (like us) find good sounds for little to no cost.”

Good stuff. Check it out here and donate some coin if you can spare it.

This is a personal favourite. Ominous Darth Vader vibes:

Last year we shared an archive of sounds recorded in Yellowstone National Park (a staggering 3,500). So if this is your dig, check that out too here.