Throbbing basslines, chaotic beats and infectious energy: experience Jia Lih’s new cut Keep Talking

Master of beats and silky smooth sonics, Jia Lih is the ARIA nominated producer of the year who is taking the digital age by storm, producing music full of energy that undeniably wants to make you get up and dance.

If you don’t mind a taste of trap, drum and bass or EDM, Jia Lih’s fresh new cut Keep Talking feat. Hopium will be right up your sonic alley.

Formerly known as Alex JL Hiew, Jia Lih has spent the last 14 months punching out bangers for some of the biggest names in Australia. From the likes of Troye Sivan, and Ruel to M-Phazes and Tkay Maidza, all these artists commend Jia for his flawless ability to craft edgy, energetic pop tunes that stand out in our vast musical landscape.

With so many trying to achieve the same goals when it comes to pop production, it’s refreshing to see someone creating a sound that’s unique from a majority of the songs we hear on radio today.

After working on Troye Sivan’s debut releases, Jia was nominated for the Producer Of The Year ARIA. In demand ever since, this only fuelled Jia’s fire to create something stronger, and that’s where Keep Talking comes in to play.

Reminiscent of late nights, the guilty pleasure one experiences when partying and everything in between, the new two-track record consists of tracks Keep Talking and Keep Talking (Club Mode). Filled with sonic textures, chaotic beats and throbbing baselines, the atmospheric tracks carry the listener to a different universe altogether.

Keep Talking is a slow moving track with an infectious beat, a rhythmic sense of emotion and a pulsating base line. The diversity of having an original track and a club version allows the listener to have the best of both worlds whist experiencing the same listening pleasure.

Of the record, Jia says that, “this just felt right and I was ready to put my name behind something for a change.” We can expect more big things to come from this emerging producer, who one can only hope will continue to pump out more bangers.