Origin stories, mystery albums and sick onstage bottle flips: we chat to San Cisco’s Jordi Davieson

One of the biggest and fastest growing Aussie exports of the last five years has been Western Australian locals San Cisco. Typified by an earnest quirkiness and a tough-to-beat onstage chemistry, this indie pop quartet has shot for the sky since day one.

With a mystery album in the works and the stunning A Weekend in the Gardens show both in the works, we had a cheeky five minute catch-up with lead singer Jordi Davieson.

san cisco a weekend in the garden

A leading force in Aussie indie music, San Cisco were catapulted to fame with speedy enthusiasm and never fell back down.

HAPPY: Being one of WA’s biggest success stories, we’d love to know how the legend of San Cisco originated. Was it the typical garage jam that brought you four together?

JORDI: We were all mates and before we knew it, we were playing together.

HAPPY: Was the goal always to play music full time, or did any of you have a different life goal?

JORDI: Playing music full time was the dream but we never thought it would actually happen. Scarlett studied events management, Josh was doing graphic design, Nick was studying to be a primary school teacher and I finished TEE but never got to start my 3D design course.

HAPPY: Having released SloMo and B Side in preparation for your new, mystery album release, we’ve noticed a bit of a change in style. What has influenced your sound evolution?

JORDI: We all started playing music at a young age, so I’d say as we’ve matured we’ve become influenced by different things, which could be potentially why our sound has evolved.

HAPPY: Whilst SloMo sports punchy disco beats and poppy synths, you don’t fail to bring a deep lyrical story. What messages are you aiming to bring with these tracks?

JORDI: Most of our songs are about relationships between people, whether that be love or friendship. I just find people very interesting and easy to write about.

HAPPY: Could you walk us through the song writing process for this new record? How do you four compose music together?

JORDI: This upcoming record came about after six or so ten day writing sessions with a longtime collaborator and producer Steven Schram.

HAPPY: You’ve talked previously about how Gracetown was a record you were more certain about compared to previous albums. What is your intuition telling you about your upcoming album?

JORDI: I don’t even know anymore… I’ve listened to the songs so many times and made so many last minute changes! I just want to get it out and see what happens. I personally think it’s our best work yet.

HAPPY: From the looks of your retro music videos, we can only imagine how much fun it is to hang out with San Cisco off duty. What do you guys get up to when you’re just chilling out?

JORDI: Little adventures north or south for some outdoor activities is a fave. We are also very keen for any dance parties near by.

HAPPY: You’ve been smashing it out recently at live gigs and festivals. Has it been hard to flex your song writing muscles when you’ve been so busy performing?

JORDI: Touring and studio life are two very different mind frames to be in and I’m personally really trying to work on having the two coexist.

HAPPY: What is the craziest thing you guys have done on stage?

JORDI: I don’t know about crazy but I did a pretty cool bottle opening trick with one hand and a water bottle at Southbound. I was pretty happy with myself.

HAPPY: Your international success is undeniable. How have you found Australian music to be received around the world?

JORDI: I think people like it, especially in Mexico! Obviously no one loves it as much as Australia itself but I think there is definitely a place for it on the international stage.

HAPPY: What other Aussie artists have been giving you them feels recently?

JORDI: Cub Sport’s song Come On Mess Me Up is fucking divine!

HAPPY: What is your plan after your new album is released? Have you got a tour planned for the newest record?

JORDI: We have the first tour penciled in but hopefully if people like it we will get to tour a lot.


Catch San Cisco live at A Weekend in the Garden alongside Boy & Bear and Amy Shark on Saturday March 11th in the stunning Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. Head to their website for more info, and grab your tix here.