Oscar Key Sung’s Altruism is as suave as ever

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have heard of Melbourne R&B singer, beat maker and producer Oscar Key Sung. Revamping the scene with his Craig David croon, he’s also making his mark with his ultra-mod appeal. With his Arvo Pärt crossed Drake style beats, he has one foot in the nostalgic nineties and another in hip-hop’s future, and also happens to be a dead ringer for Rufus Sewell.

Oscar Key Sung EP

Oscar Key Sung’s Altruism sees him strutting his stuff. Suave as always, Oscar’s crooning and superior beats are much to be desired as he bares his soul.

As well as music, looking dapper has always been important to this crooner. Growing up in a creative family, he reckons his eye for style and trends was influenced by his fashion designer parents. Seeing their designs as expressive and interesting, he took what he learned and applied it to his music, performance and videos. Nailing the brief, his personal nineties crossed contemporary look mirrors the music he pumps out, and is also helping him stand out in a scene that, for the most part, looks pretty different.

And so it goes that suave style calls for suave beats, his latest sophomore EP Altruism being no exception. Kicking off the soulful tunes, stripped back opener Skip is a slow jam that builds with waves of synths and samples. To take the edge off the erratic electronic rhythm, Oscar’s melodic tones glide in as you dive deeper into the down-tempo beat. Lead single Premonition is another driving electronic track. With its pulsing beat and pounding bass, the dance floor vibes slowly absorb you in their chaos. Intensifying the mood with his silky tones that are on a mission to self-destruct, you too begin to feel like you’re about to lose your shit.

Brush then throws us back to them Craig David nineties where no emotion is spared. Oscar’s smooth vocals ask all the ladies in the room, “Aren’t you sick of men thinking you need them to tell you who you are?” Promising us that, “I don’t want to be that guy,” we’re reminded how sweet honest lyrical exposition can be. Serenading your earholes song after song, his final track Altruism goes one step further and steals your whole goddamn heart. Ramping up the raw emotion, he peels off more layers and shows us his innermost thoughts. Simmering down the mood, this closing tune rounds out an effortlessly laid back EP full of dance-worthy grooves and seductive tunes.

A smooth beat maker with pimpin’ good style, Oscar Key Sung is your answer to soulful R&B with a nostalgic nineties twist and experimental electronic edge. Swoon over his latest EP, out now through Warner Music, and be wooed by the crooner on tour this June.

June 13 – Howler, Melbourne

June 19 – Flyrite, Perth

June 20 – Rocket Bar, Adelaide

June 26 – The Foundry, Brisbane

June 27 – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

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