OUR BODY OUR CHOICE: Thousands of women to march in Sydney this weekend

This Sunday the 9th of June, 10,000 women and their supporters are backing a pro-choice protest march in Sydney entitled OUR BODY OUR CHOICE.

Started by 17-year-old high school student Bella Ziade, the march comes as a response to the recent anti- abortion laws passed in US states such as Alabama, outraging girls and women all around the world last month.

Sydney’s OUR BODY OUR CHOICE protest march will see thousands of supporters share their outrage at restrictive abortion laws this Sunday.

The protest started as a mere Facebook event organised by Ziade, who was outraged by international and national laws that restrict women’s bodily autonomy.

A statement in the bio of the Facebook event says:

“Laws restricting or banning abortion are not pro-life. They don’t respect pregnant people’s lives – they’re anti-choice. Banning and criminalizing abortion will not stop abortion. It just means more pregnant people get hurt obtaining one or are forced to give birth against their will.

They create inequality in abortion healthcare provision where our rural and regional neighbours don’t have access to the services we do in the cities. We are here to show that we are pro-choice – like most people in NSW and Australia – and we aren’t going to go away.”

Marchers are gathering at the Archibald Fountain in Sydney’s Hyde Park at 11.30am on Sunday. The event is described as inclusive, welcoming“non-binary people, trans men, intersex people, agender people, women and anyone who identifies as an ally of bodily autonomy.”

For those wanting to take part, the march will take place from 11:30am at Hyde Park on Sunday June 9th.