Output Festival have announced Phase 7 of their already huge 2018 lineup

Back in July, Mall Grab was announced as the first act for this November’s Output Festival. Immediately, we were pretty bloody excited.

Since then, the lineup has gotten increasingly epic, with a huge catalogue of the globe’s best electronic acts set to descend upon Goat Island this November.

Just when we thought Output Festival couldn’t get any more epic, they’ve announced Phase 7 of their lineup… and oh my God, this sounds incredible!

Now, the festival have announced Phase 7 of their 2018 lineup with the new Multi Culti stage; a Microdoof stage hosted by none other than Dreems and Von Party.

Also hitting up the new stage will be French dance hero Nicola Cruz… who we’re sure will satisfy all your dancing needs.

On top of all this, Output will also host such names as DJ Seinfeld, Motez, Human Movement, Jensen Interceptor, and a whole lot of others.

If you want to head along to Output Festival this year (which I know you do), grab tickets and info here.

November 24th – Goat Island, Sydney Harbour National Park.