Over achieving producer Feki might be new to the game but he is making a pretty colossal impact

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Freshly unwrapped Brisbane producer Feki’s career is yet short, but in a little under a year the prodigious producer has garnered equal amounts of attention and praise. His recent outings have set the EDM scene in Australia abuzz. On the back of winning a spot at the Listen Out Festival via triple J’s Unearthed, Feki has also played support for the legendary trap king RL Grime in Brisbane and featured at Sydney’s OutsideIn Festival.

Feki ft emily

Feki has been causing a stir of late with an incredibly charming package of sophisticated electronica blending chilled waves with elements of trap and R’n’B

There’s a definite sense of inevitability about Feki. At a macrocosmic level his music is exceptionally easy to listen to yet when put under the microscope, it loses nothing. Whether heard through colossal festival stage speakers, the radio at the mall or your iPod headphones – these songs will evoke a heartfelt emotional response.

Not only is Feki making music that is 100% on trend, it is also of considerable quality. Some say a good producer knows how to use vocal samples as an instrument; if that’s true then Feki is remarkable. He seems to have a proper command of the language of music. Even on his latest single Quiet Minds, which could easily be subjugated by the poignant vocal stylings of Emily, the most alluring aspect is the soothing, almost ethereal synth and drum track effects.

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Making a song about silence is the ultimate exercise in paradox, which might be what makes it such a gripping concept. Speaking about the new track on Soundcloud, Feki comments, “Silence is a beautiful thing, but it is often intentionally blocked from our lives because we choose to avoid reality. Sometimes in order to find the truth, we need not run from the quiet, but rather embrace it.” That might sound like an ironic thing for someone who makes noise for a living to say. But of course, Feki’s music is no mere noise. Sophisticated in its production without being precocious, Quiet Minds is a skilfully crafted song that will move you and make you think all at once. It will have chilled out hipsters and trap fans alike getting all sorts of excited.

One gets the impression that things are about to blow up for Feki. The hype  building around this talented young artist in palpable. His last at-bat, Remember, earned him over 435,000 Soundcloud plays and airtime on UK radio standard BBC Radio 1. Following in its older brother’s footsteps, Quiet Minds has already hit 70,000 Soundcloud plays in its first week of release. With a swag of festival dates ahead of him, there’s little doubt you’ll be hearing more from Feki over the coming months; and not a moment too soon.

Feki has a bunch of shows forthcoming, catch him at the following:

Valley Fiesta, Brisbane – October 24th
One Day Only Festival, Sydney – November 21st
Beyond The Valley – December 29th

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