Owen Rabbit's Top 10 Songs from 2014

We’re not gonna try and hide it. We are massive fans of a little fellow by the name of Owen RabbitHis moody, looping, and subtly epic soundscapes are truly something to behold. His track Violence and Degradation recently made it onto our favourite sad songs list, and if you haven’t heard it already be sure to check out his song Squid which he gave to Happy exclusively! Taking a little time out from wrapping presents and being awesome in general Owen wrote a list of his favourite songs from 2014, and boy is it a good one! And yes, his appreciation for Beyonce is very much intact. Check out his list below!

Owen Rabbit

One of the most promising artists to emerge from Australia this year, Owen Rabbit shines the spotlight on his ten favourite songs from 2014 and tells us why they are so dear to his heart.

Fractures – It’s Alright

This absolutely killed me. The first time I heard this song it drastically changed my day. I was calling all these people to say I couldn’t leave the house. I just sat in a chair for a long while.

Kalacoma – There For

Kalacoma is the most innovative live band I’ve ever seen. Super inspiring stuff for a nerd like me. This song also definitely smashes the feels especially towards the end.

 Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment – Everyday Wonderful

This is a cover of the theme song from Arthur which raised me. I love cartoons and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. Gives me goosebumps every time.

 D’Angelo – Sugah Daddy

Just cos D’Angelo. No explanation needed. Also this tune kinda reminds of the theme from Hey Arnold. Again with the cartoons.

Hiatus Kaiyote – By Fire

Hiatus Kaiyote are amazing. One of my first gigs ever was supporting their singer Nai Palm. What a unique and gifted talent. It’s also really nice that they’re absolutely killing it at the moment. 100% talent, vision and ingenuity.

Beyoncé – Ghost/Haunted

This tune came out December last year but I’m still listening to it so I’m gonna put it in. Always knew you had it in you Beyonce. Absolutely floored me.

Ribongia – Slave Trade

A really fresh take on some brain melting goodness.

Dear Plastic – Epic Delay

A Melbourne band with brash honesty that kill it live and mesh Electronica and Rock seamlessly. That chorus is just one massive hook that’s dripping with magic. Also these guys are all really lovely.

Porter Robinson – Sea Of Voices

SO BIG! BIGGEST THING EVER! Everyone in my house hates me for playing this a thousand times a day.

Kevin Abstract – SAVE

Found this dude surfing on the interwebs. It stuck. There’s something about him. Seems like what he’s on about is something that matters.