Experience the wonders of lush folk with ‘Dissolve’ from Pablo Naranjo

Pablo Naranjo effortlessly stitches together soundscapes on Dissolve, to create a listening journey not easily forgotten.

Melbourne based artist Pablo Naranjo has been composing, producing, and performing music since he was 12, turning heads with his dexterous guitar work and attention to detail.

On his musical ventures, Naranjo has worked with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, played rock festivals in South America, and released multiple EPs, working with the likes of Adam Kasper (Nirvana, REM).

Pablo Naranjo

When lockdown hit Melbourne last year, Naranjo turned to the gift of music for solace, and begun penning tracks for the upcoming record, Ecos del Frío, meaning ‘Winter Echoes’. The first single of this project, Dissolve signals some serious potential.

Dissolve is equally part relaxing and unsettling. The folk track utilises the acoustic fretboard to the 9th degree, flowing from one unresolved chord to the next. It’s beautiful but unpredictable, giving the track a forward sense of motion.

The guitar is accompanied by piano, bass, drums, ukelele, strings and percussion, all played by the folk artist himself. Then there are the haunting vocals – “I want to fall into her arms, across horizons”, he sings in a rich tone, adding striking colour to the evolving sonic soundscape.

The visuals are equally as illuminating, rushing through flashes of nature like a trickling vein of gold.

Naranjo blends into the earth as he strums his bellows his vocals with the scenery of a stunning landscape. There is no denying that Naranjo has a level of control with his music –  trickling down the spine of alt-rock.

Listen to Dissolve below: