Get lost in the boundless soundscapes of Pacific Heights' The Greystone

Get lost in the boundless soundscapes of Pacific Heights’ The Greystone

Floating through the hallucinatory sounds of Pacific Heights will leave you without concept of space or time. It’s a wonderfully mesmerising and disorientating experience that you’ll quickly become addicted to.

The producer crafts boundless electronica and ambient music that feels simultaneously vibrant and haunting.

The Greystone, the hallucinatory and atmospheric single from New Zealand artist Pacific Heights, is a boundless soundscape of stunning electronica.

On his track The Greystone, Pacific Heights navigates a hypnotic blend of blissful production and airy vocals to create a sound that belongs entirely to himself. Brimming with an immaculate attention to detail, the song feels both focused and spaced-out; both minimalistic and layered.

Entering into this bright, dream-like soundscape is like floating through some body of water. The song is always changing; always evolving.

The Greystone is the first taste of Pacific Heights’ upcoming album A Lost Light… and judging from what we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect more great tunes courtesy of this New Zealand artist.

For now, do yourself a favour and dive into the atmospheric sounds of Pacific Heights’ The Greystone above.

Pre-order a limited vinyl edition of A Lost Light here. The new album will be available on August 31st.