Pair of giant snakes having sex fall through Aussie couple's ceiling

Pair of giant snakes having sex fall through Aussie couple’s ceiling

In Australia, we are no strangers to some pretty wild critters. From crocodiles to giants spiders, snakes and drop bears, we have seen it all. But this could just be an Aussie animal story straight from the depths of hell.

A Queensland couple were chilling in their home when two horny snakes fell through their ceiling, mid-coitus.

The frisky couple were a pair of Amethystine pythons, also known as scrub pythons. They were getting it on so hard, the ceiling collapsed underneath them.

It happens to the best of us, right?

According to Cairns snake wrangler Matt Hagan, the snakes have just started breeding season and are “comfortable moving into people’s homes to do their business” due to living in an urban environment.

“The couple could see the roof flexing and moving from the combined weight of about 40 kilograms, then pow. To see two snakes that size fall through your roof, they got out of there quick smart,” Mr Hagan told Pedestrian TV.

Mr Hagan had the fun job of removing the two five-metre snakes from the property.

As if the thought of a snake in your home isn’t bad enough, Mr Hagan also stated that the scrub pythons also get aggressive towards each other during the breeding season. So it’s essential to watch out if you see them slithering around all horny and shit.

It is advised that Aussies “set up gutter guards on your roof to minimise access points for them.” Although scrub pythons are not venomous, they can be aggressive, so one falling through the roof is probably the last thing you need.

If one thing is certain we are glad to be tucked away in our Newtown office, staying the hell away from romping reptiles of any form.