This artist is making spiders cute using embroidery. Now can he come to Australia and make our creepy crawlies adorable?

Self-taught stitcher Adam Pritchett has an intricate attention to detail, and when it comes to portraying creepy crawlies he knows just how to make them look cute.

From bats to bees and spiders, Pritchett transforms typically deadly animals into furry friends through embroidery.

All photos by Adam Pritchett

Breathtakingly exquisite, UK designer Adam Pritchett reimagines the scenery of England’s rugged countryside as dainty hand-stitched embroideries.

A fine arts graduate, Pritchett also visualises the botany of rural landscapes, imaginative and real. His most recent work was inspired by the Harry Potter series extension Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

You won’t be able to resist getting up and close with creepy crawlies after seeing his art!

Check out the rest of his artwork here and head to his Etsy website to purchase.

Via Colossal.