The first thing you need to do in 2017 is check out Wren Klauf, the band you can add to your playlist and your closet

Though mainstream examples of pop music may leave a giant void in your soul, there is one band creating a much tastier blend. As an “eccentric, mathy pop act,” Wren Klauf are exploring exciting and innovative dimensions of the musical cosmos.

Since the wee months of 2014, Wren Klauf have sprouted from a solitary, creative seedling, to a five-piece band of musical and aesthetic capacity.


Wren Klauf are the best of musical and visual worlds, a first-rate example of collaboration between interdisciplinary creatives.

More than just a band, Wren Klauf have released two EPs and toured the east coast, even with shows in New Zealand.

Apart from enjoying “collaging old Tropical Fish Enthusiast magazines,” as lead singer Sam says, the boys are “not particularly” visual artists themselves. They just love the act of collaborating between artists as much as the end results.

“Collaboration is special for many reasons. Mainly, for me, it’s to have other incredible people contribute to something you feel so emotionally connected to. I value friendship a whole bloody bunch and I want as many of my friends working on projects with me as possible. Always turns out far cooler too,” Sam says.

Their collage-inspired music video and cover art for Melancholyflower, with friend and musician of DRAGGS Kel Maso, exemplifies the glorious aptitude Wren Klauf has for big success.

“It’s an age-old combo. Can’t be beaten. Having a visual artist interpret the music you’ve created, in a visual way is just totally cool and sometimes completely bizarre. It’s just exciting having the two work together in whatever way you want them to,” Sam says.

Their most recent artistic synergy exemplifies the band’s unnerving creativity and passion for exploring their own potential with other artists. Celebrating the release of their newest single, Spellbound, fashion/graphics designer Kiah The Label, contributed her unique talents to create a ‘snack pack’ of trippy bohemian handmade undies, shirts, prints, totes and stickers.

“As far as merchandise goes,” she says, “we’ve decided to keep it handmade and keep it personal.”

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In 2017, there will be a closer collaboration with KTL on Wren Klauf’s next project/EP, GAWK.

“I’ve been working closely with the Wren Klauf boys over the last couple of months. It has been a lot of fun so far attempting to create a visual representation of the songs. We really want to expand the snack pack idea for the release of GAWK and hopefully are able to produce something really fun and interesting,” KTL says.

With only some enigmatic hints towards the GAWK project, Wren Klauf are keeping us guessing as to what 2017 has in stall.

Sam says, “Feb 10 you can expect our new split AV EP with KTL. Can’t say what’s gonna be happening for it though but it involves The Keepaways and a rock show. ‘Til nekst time… thanks HapHap!”