You may have been nice but Wren Klauf are definitely naughty. Find out how the raucous foursome are finishing their rowdy 2016

Wren Klauf are looking forward to Christmas as much as the next band, but they’ve got some work to do first. Having started out in 2014, the four piece are rounding out their busiest year yet with a festive shindig thanks to the lads at GD FRNDS.

Before they fill their stockings and leave a VB out for Santa, we caught up with these fun-lovers to have a chat about all things Wren Klauf – including their latest single Spellbound.

wren klauf

When one band member isn’t enough, you interview them all. Hear what Wren Klauf has to say before they kiss 2016 goodbye.

HAPPY: Awesome work on Spellbound guys. What have the original reactions been like?

SAM: Much appreciated, blokes. The response so far has been wonderful. Most of our friends and followers were quite surprised at how different the song was, as opposed to previous releases. We wanted to create something psychotic and poppy, yet still interesting and intricate. We’re happy with it and excited to share the rest of the GAWK EP.

HAPPY: How do you think it compares sonically to your earlier releases?

STEVEN: Wren Klauf has come a long way since the days of Sharing Sleep. You could call that a mini EP of demos. Making Live a Green Life With Me was a year long, low budget and extremely experimental process. The songs were kind of written for the studio as we went and the original demos differ greatly from the released product. We ended up with a underproduced, organic sound that, while sonically lacking, suited the style of the release. Compare that to Spellbound – exciting, bright, poppy, well rehearsed and recorded in just a few short months. It’s a credit to Sam’s songwriting evolution and Niall’s thoughtful production and mixing that Spellbound grabs you and leads you on a vivid journey unlike any Wren Klauf song before.

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BRAY: It’s definitely a more polished and adventurous take on our production than we previously had on our last release but we think it exemplifies the wackiness and chaos intended in the track. I feel as if it it’s what it sounds like in Sam’s head half the time.

HAPPY: Why have you always collaborated so closely with visual artists?

SAM: Yep! As most reading would be aware, visual stimulation goes hand in hand with music. For our previous EP we collaborated with four different visual artists to create an entirely unique artwork for each song. The cover art and the opening track Melancholyflower are themed, though the rest split off into each individuals’ style. Our next EP GAWK is a split project between us and Kiah the Label – a fabulous designer and artist from the Coast. Be prepared for some top-shelf bubblegum pop, psycho-bop visual accompaniments or sorts when GAWK is released next year. It’s necessary to collaborate, I believe  – we always leave room for others’ offerings.

HAPPY: What’s it been like working with the legends at GD FRNDS?

SAM: Champ, Maddog and Legend are exactly that. Champs, Maddoggy’s and Legends. We’re old friends, new friends and of course, good friends. The blokes have helped us immensely and led us past the smoke screen of our inevitable self-doubt. I owe a lot to these blokes – maybe I’ll lend my lips to wunnathem on the 10th. Look out, bubba’s.

HAPPY: Speaking of, their Chrissy bash looks mad. What should punters expect there?

STEVEN: Well, if its anything like the Miami Shark Bar I’m thinking of, I think they should expect cheap drinks, sticky floors, lots of billiard battles and a sweaty, sweaty mosh. They should also expect to share some sonic Christmas treats with some good friends.

SAM: Bruce Paige snippets, wet boys, wet girls and Christmas.

HAPPY: What’s the best Christmas present you ever received? (apart from getting on this lineup)

STEVEN: The one that sticks with me is getting my first fire staff for twirling way back in my teens.

BRAY: DJ Kris Kringles: The Kris Mix. Absolute banger.

HAPPY: What does Wren Klauf usually do for Christmas?

NIALL: First, Sam has to spread the word that things are happening. He gets his signal fire burning strong, ensures the pigeons are fed to burst and tests all his bone trumpets to check they are playing a pure C#. Then it begins. The location is secret, but if you’ve attended one of these gatherings you’ll never forget where to go. The experience is unforgettable, burned into your loins forever. Everyone is innocent at the beginning, but after three hours of intensive tag team with Bray, Niall, Sam and Stevie, innocence is lost forever; scattered amongst the embers floating in the sky, taunting you with the memory of what your testes used to feel like, back when you could feel them.

SAM: Hot.

HAPPY: What’s the attack plan for 2017?

SAM: Release GAWK, our split project with KTL. Tour that, play great shows with great performers and break as many sweats as sweatishly possible… Other chunky surprises and our previously successful alternative arts showcase Kreative Kommunion will pop up at some point also. Keep’m peeled… ’Til nekst time…

GD FRNDS are celebrating A Christmas Miracle on December 10th at Miami Shark Bar. All the details you need are right here.