Parking tickets, modesty and girl power: find out why Australia has a mad crush on Body Type

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Body Type are blazing the trails of the music industry in their bandmobile, with adoring fans and bloody parking tickets following them every step of the way. Cecil, Sophie, Georgia and Annabel are the four mega babes who make up the Body Type machine, a dream team fighting for female representation in a male-dominated scene.

body type happy

Having started out in Perth with rock star ambitions, Body Type made it their goal to make more space for girls in Australia’s music scene.

It’s hard to believe the unique lo-fi, garage rock sounds the group flaunt only came together a little under a year ago. Starting out with little musical experience, the team grew in both expertise and popularity as they continued to develop their standout sound.

The origin of their band name is a testament to the group’s infectious optimism.

We finished our rehearsal and found a bloody parking ticket on the band mobile.”  On that very ticket read “Reg number, reg plate type, make and….Body Type.” It had a certain ring to it.

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The band walks us through how their music, influenced by the sounds of Deerhunter, Good Morning and DIIV, emerged from jamming time and improvisation on stage.

All of our songs are little stories that start in one person’s mind” they say. “Regardless of who brings the song to the table, it ends up meaning something different to all of us.”

Body Type have been making waves on their Coast 2 Coast tour, sharing stages with the likes of Cate Le Bon, The Coathangers and playing shows with bands like Dianas, Solid Effort and Fait. We were lucky enough to catch their killer set at Gizzfest 2016.

Whilst the group have been receiving a lot of fan love on their Triple J Unearthed page and at live gigs, they still retain an incredible modesty. They talk about their positive feedback as “Absurd, weird and so, so nice and very hard to believe.”

What put the girl group on the map for many was their eccentric gem of a music video for their song Ludlow, shown on MTV. Featuring blonde wigs and a green screen to boot, the fantastical 70s inspired film is something you have to see.

“There was no thinking” the gang say, referring to the thinking behind the video. “The plan was to have a plan but also to have no plan.

Looking into the future, Body Type have a heap of upcoming gigs which you can find here. They have also revealed they have a couple more recordings up their sleeves, which we couldn’t be more psyched about. Oh, and their 7” will be out real soon too – keep an eye out!