King Gizzard’s Guide to Sydney Gizzfest

Remember the time you wished that your favourite band would get together with a bunch of all your other favourite bands in the form of a seven hour show? Well, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are making all of your dreams come true to launch their new album Quarters! with their national festival-style tour, Gizzfest.

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Ambrose from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard guides us though some of their favourite bands playing at the Sydney leg of Gizzfest.

With a different, handpicked lineup in each city – each sure to quench your thirst for whacked-out psych rock and soothing 60s soul – Gizzfest is one of the best travelling freak shows this country has ever seen. After kicking off at the start of May in their hometown of Melbourne for a two day run, Gizzfest will be landing in Sydney this Saturday. Amongst all the wildness we got a chance to ask Ambrose about a few of his favourites from the bill:

The Babe Rainbow

Baby lemonade, Cool Blonde Breezus and the Shagadelic Blue Spirit are out of this world. Literally from another dimension. They live in a real life Electric Lady Land. When I met these guys I could’ve sworn they were in Easy Rider. They’re a spontaneous hallucination live band that’s all too refreshing for its own good! Long live love forever!!

The Laurels

These guys are too kind in generosity. They have let me stay on their couch one too many times. Their energy and presence on stage really shines through in amongst their live set in a really powerful way. Luke and Piers are like Macauley Culkin and Elijah Wood from the movie Good Son, power couple of good and evil. Conor is your ideal bass player, laid back and on the ball. Excited to see their new drummer, I’ve heard many great things. They’ve been around the block and will continue to keep on turning heads and melting faces. True leaders in their style and ultimate legends all round!

Los Tones

I first got to hang out with these guys properly at their show at off the hip in Melbourne. Some really young band was supporting them playing blondie covers. I’ve known Bodie since his days with the mega Mother and Son. Los Tones though are on some other level these days. I saw them play a month or so ago and it was orgasmic garage at its best. Their warped stagger takes over as you will find your knees shaking. They also have the best merch girls in the country.

These guys are just the tip of the iceberg of sweet bands, here is the full lineup:

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
The Laurels
The Murlocs
The Babe Rainbow
The Dandelion
Los Tones
I Oh You DJs
Yo Grito DJs
Blackbear Jarmen

Of course it’s sold out, so if you didn’t get a ticket, we’re sorry for bringing all this up. If you did, good luck.