Wren Klauf premieres their new single New Western on Happy

PREMIERE: Wren Klauf is about as close as you’ll get to Mother Nature on New Western

It’s time to take in a breath of fresh green air courtesy of a new mystical artist from the Gold Coast. Sam Faulkner, who goes by the moniker Wren Klauf, is all about the beauty of Mother Earth and our relationship with nature. Wondrous and enchanting, his music will put you in a trance and make you see visions of waterfalls, sunsets, trees, and even a few elephants.

Wren Klauf Sam Faulkner

Wren Klauf emerges from the wilderness with New Western, a track steeped in gorgeous guitar lines, surging drums and a love for the great outdoors.

Despite starting off as a solo voyage, Wren Klauf has morphed into something way more collaborative. Bringing together some community-minded mates, Faulkner added a visual component to his audio project, and the magic of Wren Klauf was unleashed. Setting free his debut EP Sharing Sleep last year, Faulkner journeyed into a minimalistic soundscape. Bare but beautiful, he delved into the art of sleeping (not that one) and conscious thought. With his alluring lyrics about friendship, love and nature, Wren Klauf’s melancholic alternative pop is laced in all that’s good and pure.

Replenishing your soul with a shimmery new tune off his upcoming EP Live a Green Life with Me, New Western is a long and winding stream of earthly feels. As its math-pop beat ebbs and flows, we open our eyes and ears to the themes of nature and togetherness. Paddling into a heavy surge of drums, Faulkner’s mossy croon meanders through and begins the chant: “You know that the weather controls you”. Once the percussion soaks in, we find ourselves lying on our backs and floating downstream as we watch the trees and elephants pass us by.

Changing course as we bump into smooth guitars and marshy vocals, New Western gurgles along at a mostly gentle pace. But, as we near the end of the stream, the guitar lines suddenly become rocky rapids and Faulkner’s vocals pour down like a waterfall. As the melancholy free-falls towards the depths below, we plummet into a pool of noise. Deafened by the raging guitars and blinded by the rush of beautiful blues, it feels like ages before we finally surface. But, not long after we escape the whirlpool, we find ourselves once more floating on our backs, drifting downstream and listening to the night creatures howl in the distance.

Exploring the wonder and beauty of Mother Earth, Wren Klauf is, likewise, abounding in natural wonder and beauty. Authentically different from other creations currently permeating the airwaves, you can feel the green heartbeat of this community-minded audio-visual project. If you like watching sunsets and wandering through enchanted forests, then Wren Klauf’s upcoming EP is sure to be one soundscape you’ll want to get lost in.