Palo Alto releases vividly potent video for alt-rock single ‘Stick Around’

Stick Around, a self-confessed favourite from Palo Alto, has been gifted a colourful music video.

Alt-rock outfit Palo Alto has been turning heads and selling out venues in Western Australia – but it’s easy to see why.

They love what they do, and they do it well. No added bullshit. Guitars, drums, bass, and a sticky melody is often all you need.

Palo Alto

Sonically, Stick Around is summery, punchy, and carefully crafted to ensure a high-energy live show.

The band whipped up the song in a pinch (“Everything just came together really quickly”), detailing a narrative of waiting for an old lover, but eventually learning to shift perspective and move on. It’s a brutal life lesson that never gets easier, but an integral one always worth exploring.

A few melancholic chords are tastefully added in as well, though the vibe is overall positive. Angus’s melodies are hook-fueled magic, and the harmonies give them that extra push they need to really nestle into your brain. Meanwhile, the rhythm section (Aj & Brenton) keep things straight and sturdy, occasionally dropping out for the powerful moments.


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The accompanying music video was inspired by finding balloons on the beach, and wondering, how the hell did they get there?

Donning an outrageous blue jumpsuit found at Vinnies, the protagonist wanders the city lost, until reaching his dramatic conclusion – we won’t spoil it.

“I just knew I wanted someone walking around the city holding balloons, looking lost” Angus comments, “It could have been a clown, an astronaut, a cowboy”.

Check it out below: