Park yourself in a bath and grab a case of UDLs: it’s time to listen to some Almond Soy

Western Australian indie rockers Almond Soy are just getting their feet wet. With two singles already on the pipeline, they’ve shown a stunning aptitude for lo-fi, summer burners with vocal hooks for days.

Ahead of their gig next Saturday at The Bird in Perth with Ah Trees and Hannah, we caught up with Brandon Stockbridge, Reed Troup, Spencer Taylor and James Stockbridge to find out what else is coming up on the Almond Soy calendar.

almond soy Brandon Stockbridge Reed Troup Spencer Taylor James Stockbridge

Who are Almond Soy and why don’t they like almond or soy? We get to the bottom of Perth’s tastiest new indie rock act.

HAPPY: If you don’t like almonds or soy milk, why the name?

JAMES: We were meditating on a Tibetan mountaintop and it came to us.

HAPPY: What is the most superior form of milk?

JAMES: Triple cream Hi-Lo.

HAPPY: You have two songs out right now, Dark and Fine, when can we expect to see a third?

JAMES: Our next single is Whiskey, which will be the first single on our debut EP. You can expect to hear it in the coming months.

HAPPY: We’re all waiting for the Mongolian techno track…where is it?

JAMES: Mongolian Techno? All we play is German Folk music.

HAPPY: I really like the message in the chorus of Fine, can you talk me through what the song’s about?

JAMES: Fine is about being content and happy hanging out in the warm Australian summer whilst a person you’re connected to is travelling overseas. We’ve got the video coming out very soon which was put together by our good friend Jesse Cummings. The video was shot at various places in WA to capture us in our natural habitat.

HAPPY: Can you walk us through the recording process?

JAMES: Fine was recorded down south in a friend’s home studio in Bunbury with Matt Cammarano of Milkman Recordings. It was mastered by William Bowden of King Willy Sound.

HAPPY: Aside from in a milk bath, what’s the best place to listen to Almond Soy?

JAMES: Out in the sun with your mates, or on a cool winter’s evening to warm you up.

HAPPY: You’re having your first gig next week at The Bird, any surprises in store?

JAMES: We’re excited to be joined by our friends Ah Trees and Hannah. There might be a shaman on stage doing a bit of black magic.

HAPPY: What’s the best way for the crowd to psyche themselves up pre-show?

JAMES: Drink UDLs like you just turned 13.

HAPPY: And when that last song finishes, what’s the next big thing on your calendar?

JAMES: We’re currently writing our debut EP which is due for release later this year. We’ll be touring Australia for the EP with some good friends at the end of the year.


Catch Almond Soy live at The Bird in Perth on Saturday March 25. Details here.