Spearheading the new wave of Aussie singer / songwriters, meet the captivating Joel Leffler

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Joel Leffler is a true blue Aussie singer/songwriter with a penchant for pop, a flavour for folk and exciting electronic twinge.

Although he’s currently gearing up to release his debut single Love Thirsty on the 18th of November, Leffler is the opposite of a newcomer, performing all over Australia and the world since 2008, grabbing massive acclaim in songwriting comps and feeling some serious love on his Unearthed profile.

joel leffler

Piecing together elements of folk, electro and pop, Joel Leffler’s captivating and relatable musical style shows all the ingredients for success.

If you’re looking for tips on how to keep a crowd completely rapt, this guy is all the muse you need. Whether it’s the familiarity and comfort of his friendly lyrics, his electric stage presence or straight-up musical prowess, if there’s anything Leffler is known for, it’s keeping his audience captivated.

Love Thirsty is Leffler’s debut single, and marks the first thrilling taste of his newest EP Run With The Wolves. It’s his first release since signing to Sydney’s Foghorn Records, a relationship that’s brought Leffler some serious love in the production department.

Run With The Wolves was produced by Sony Music Australia’s in house engineer Pete Holz (Carmada, Gang of Youths), and the mastering was accomplished by Grammy-winning engineer William Bowden (Goyte, Eskimo Joe).

The forthcoming release will actually be his second, despite housing his debut single. In the tail end of 2013, Leffler released An Intro of Me, a stunning debut EP that was heartfelt, upbeat, inspiring and utterly alluring the whole way through.

Musically, Leffler seems to be boldly moving away from the more folk-heavy Australiana stylings of that debut EP, with Love Thirsty boasting a much heavier beat than any of his previous tracks as well as significantly more attitude.

Regardless of which material he was playing, Leffler’s live show has always taken the spotlight. Live music is a chance to be transported into an artist’s world, and there’s few who accomplish that better.

He’s shared the stage with some of the biggest names in Australia, including Shannon Noll, Diesel, Dragon, Ciarin Gribbin of INXS and Steve Balbi of Noiseworks.

Given the success of similarly styled singer/songwriters in the current climate (Ed Sheeran, Passenger to name a few), there’s no upper limit on where Leffler will be going next. The whole world is ready for Sydney boy Joel Leffler.

For now though, he’s just ready to release Love Thirsty. In three days, on the 17th, Leffler will be dropping the debut single live at an imtimate, one-off show in Sydney. As the day before the official track release, the lucky audience will be among the first in the world to properly witness Leffler’s stunning new direction.

Thursday November 17 – The Brass Monkey, Cronulla – Sydney NSW – Tickets