There’s a secret party happening in Sydney tonight, here’s how you can get in

There’s a secret party happening in Sydney tonight, hosted by the legends over at The Sunball Machine and The Critical Slide Society in celebration of a new 12 inch compilation called Strange Brew, featuring Bleeding Knees Club, Hockey Dad, the Gooch Palms and more.

Strange Brew

Want to go to a free party tonight in Sydney tonight and get a free record featuring Hockey Dad, Bleeding Knees Club and more?

Strange Brew is the result of a collaboration between indie label The Sunball Machine, surf brand/art collective The Critical Slide Society, and Surfstitch to launch a brand new corduroy collection.

They will be launching the record tonight at a secret location in Sydney featuring a undisclosed headliner from the record. The first 50 people through the door get a free record too. Entry is also free. These are all good things.

You can RSVP for all the details. See the invite card below.

strange brew

Strange Brew tracklisting:

The Grease Arrestor – In Return

The Ruminaters – A Song For a Dandelion 

Hockey Dad – Dylans Place

Bleeding Knees Club – Home

The Gooch Palms – Trackside Daze

The Jim Mitchells – Planet Absorbed

The Abigails – The Maze