Party Pigeon: Customs catch a homing pigeon with a tiny backpack filled with pills

Ok, let’s keep this short and sweet, because the title basically says it all.

A homing pigeon with a tiny backpack full of drugs, presumably on his way to a ripper party, was apprehended by Kuwaiti customs agents when he crossed the border from Iraq earlier this week.

party pigeon

Customs agents in Kuwait have caught a homing pigeon crossing the border form Iraq with a tiny backpack filled with pills.

According to Al Arabiya, the little guy was caught at the Kuwaiti border with 178 pills strapped to his back.

Using homing pigeons to traffic drugs is nothing new, but this little backpack, in particular, is an adorable method. A dull grey colour was even chosen, obviously to blend in with the pigeon’s plumage.

party pigeon

[This article originally appeared on The Cut]