Penelope Pettigrew runs us through each track of her set

Later this month, Sydney-based artist Penelope Pettigrew will be returning to The Newsagency for another huge performance… and we’re pretty bloody excited.

But before her gig on March 27th, we caught up with Pettigrew for a complete track-by-track rundown of her set. So here’s what you can expect from a Penelope Pettigrew performance, straight from the artist herself.

Ahead of her performance at The Newsagency later this month, we caught up with Sydney’s Penelope Pettigrew for a complete run-down of each track in her set.

I must first establish that I have categorised my music as ‘Distressed Pop’. The naming of this style will become apparent as you see the inspiration behind my songs…

I Won’t Do It Again

The opening track will ease you into the night, with a chilled backbeat, dreamy electric guitar and padded synth. This song looks into a relationship that has been torn apart by betrayal. If I’m honest, I wasn’t thinking about anyone or any relationship when I was writing this, it just came out.  I also have to mention the wicked guitar solo by James Bernauer! I freaking love his solos!

The Kick Back

This song was written for my best friend when she was going through a breakup. Again, starting off laid back, the chorus takes off with a funky beat that you can’t help but groove to.
The lyrics are honest and real, opening up with “This wasn’t what I thought it once was, I’ve been blindsided by your lies”.

White Wolf

White Wolf starts with an a cappella three-part harmony riff that has a strong tribal feel. I called this song White Wolf because it is from the perspective of the last animal on earth. They have all been hunted, starved, died in captivity, caught in fishing nets and had their homes destroyed by man. This wolf has lost hope and this song is the last thing she has to say before she dies…

Tell Me Why

This is a light-hearted tune, it’s not too serious but it still touches on the whole “he loves, he loves me not” theme, which everyone can relate to.

At this point of the gig, we will be stripping back the lineup and doing three of my songs with just James on acoustic guitar.

All Part Of The Game

I wrote this song a couple of months ago and formed quite a strong connection with it from the start. The bottom line of this track is empowerment. I wanted to write a song that fires people up and makes them feel like they can take on the world and overcome the hardships they have faced.

Dead To Me

The inspiration behind this song is quite heavy… It’s about child abuse. It was written from the perspective of the survivor. It’s another song that I want to empower people with. The residual effect of this trauma is intense and not everyone makes it through the suffering. I want this song to shine a light on the issue and to help give a voice to people that need it.

Candy Bar

I wrote Candy Bar quite a few years ago and actually just finished the bridge the other week. Haha. I guess some songs take their time to mull in our subconscious. Anyway, once upon a time, I went on this lovely date with this guy, a couple of weeks passed and I hadn’t heard from him. For the first time in my life, I went to see a movie by myself, I was at the candy bar and we literally walked into each other! I froze as we blankly stared at each other, my heart was racing, I just freaked out! All I was able to do was turn and run to the other side of the bar and wait for him to leave… The first verse details this interaction, the rest of the song questions all the stupid dating games that are played.

Call Your Name

The combination of James on electric guitar and Tom on synth will transport you into another world. Every time I hear this intro I feel like I am suspended underwater while a storm rages above my head… but down here is peaceful and calm. You are gently pulled from serenity by Laura Vella on acoustic guitar, playing a hypnotic riff. This song is about immense lose, the sudden and earth-shattering loss of a loved one – dedicated to my uncle. This song outlines the grief that you can’t escape; it’s one of the many emotions my family and I have lived with since we realised he was gone.


Is a song for the underdog who takes on the giant corporate machine and wins. This theme is complemented by big synth jams in the chorus, a little bit of white girl rapping in the bridge and lyrics laced with venom. It will fire you up and get you dancing too!

This Love

These simple but real lyrics reflect a long love that is falling apart. It’s that point in a relationship that marks the beginning of the end, when you know so much is wrong but you can’t let go. The chorus states “But I don’t want to let go of this love!” This song will get you in the feels and somehow lift you up at the same time. It’s up to the listener to decide if they want to stay or go, I feel that the spirit of this song is open-ended. I shouldn’t have favourites… but I do and this is it! Haha.

Penelope Pettigrew will be performing at The Newsagency in Sydney on March 27th. More info here.