People are not happy with the sound at Tame Impala’s Sydney Opera House show last night

Last night saw Tame Impala grace the stage for the first of two massive Sydney Opera House forecourt shows, both of which were set to be gargantuan displays of aural and visual brilliance – there was just one problem: the sound wasn’t very good.

Tame impala live

Punters (including a little bands called Sticky Fingers) took to social media last night – during and after the show – to express their dissatisfaction with the sound during the show last night. Most seems to be disappointed not with the band, but with they Sydney Opera House’s sound team, many expressing that they hope the second show tonight to be a massive improvement.

Sticky Fingers chose the comedy route (as expected) to express their anger via Faceook, saying: “Shout outs to Tame Impala for playing some of the best music on the planet right now, But shame on Sydney for making it so quiet we might as well have gone and spooned our grandmothers graves on the other side of the planet, silently jerking off, cuddling our teddy bears. Would have have been louder. Cheers.”

The post has since gotten over 13,000 likes with many fans commenting in agreement. Twitter and Instagram were also with bombarded with fans slamming the sound, most saying the set was brilliant, but was almost unbearably quiet.

Here’s to hoping they sort out the issues tonight.