“To me, this is the saddest song I’ve ever made,” Hadreas stated to Yahoo about the track. “I’ve been talking this whole time about this magic and spiritual thing that I tap into when I’m creating, but then part of me is like, “What if that’s just all made up? What if the only thing that’s happening is just shit?” That idea is really heartbreaking to me, but in that resignation there’s a peacefulness sometimes too.”

As strings and shimmering vocals fade into obscurity, Hadreas finds solace in the narrative he has spent 50 minutes crafting and observing. He is able to recognise these elements of his being and embrace them, allowing his innate, physical body to regain its course. In its suffering, Set My Heart On Fire Immediately encourages audiences to find peace with their inner demons, recognising their place in our lives and allowing ourselves to live independent from them as a result. By doing so, we find true freedom, allowing our bodies to sing a path for themselves as broken, bruised, and beautiful as we are.

“It’s all just happening, and that’s OK, and if my soul is just gonna stop when I die, then that heightens everything that is around now.”


Set My Heart On Fire Immediately is out now via Matador Records/Remote Control Records.